Monday, November 23, 2009

Young and Virile

Here was my list of thoughts today (to the best of my recollection):

1.) Enter today's consciousness to the tune of "Edge of Desire"
2.) Think about how I miss "her" (this can be one of 4 possible hers, its usually random, I wish I had control over this) (this is probably due to the alarm song I chose to play this week)
3.) God, I don't wanna get out of bed..
4.) But I should because I get behind missing even one day of German.
5.) I want to go to Germany
6.) Ok, I'll actually get out of bed and go brush my teeth now.
7.) Ehhh, I'm only going to school, I'll just chug some pop and get dressed.
8.) Wait, can't forget my bowl.
9.) Ugh, I wish I could go one day without needing to smoke a bowl almost as soon as I wake up.
10.) I'm so glad we have a short week of class.
11.) I can't wait until our NYC trip this weekend.
12.) Better check my facebook and do my normal everyday morning things on my computer (check woot, my outwar accounts, all my fantasy teams)
13.) Damnit, like usual, these activities overlap the time I should be driving to German class.
14.) Fuck, did I park on the right side of the street?
15.) Phew, no ticket for me today.
16.) Take a hit and start the car.
17.) Hmmmm, Can I make it to school with the gas gauge on E, well, it is a sliver above the E line, I'm sure I can make it, I'm feeling too lazy and tired to get out of the car before I'm done with this half hour drive.
18.) People on elmwood in the morning piss me off, why can't we all just drive smoothly through the traffic lights so I can get on the highway without taking 10 minutes out of my day.
19.) Turn onto the highway, oh yeah, I should probably already be buckled but I'll go ahead and do that now.
20.) This drive can get on my nerves, why are the highways infested with cops? God I wish I was in germany where people aren't constantly harassed by law enforcement.
21.) Yeah, I should hit this bowl again.
22.) I wonder how late Ryan will be to class today.
23.) Meine Grossvater bekommte aus Italien. (Don't ask why a random german thought about my grandfather came into my head)
24.) "I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees"
25.) I should probably stop overplaying this Mayer album before I get sick of it, I think I'm already starting to get sick of Perfectly Lonely and a couple other songs.
26.) I'm almost to the 990, I should probably hit this bowl again or I'll be forced to hit it 3 times in a row once I park my car and then I'll be fucked for class.
27.) I wish this semester would be over so I don't have to drive back and back to school in Amherst and then back to work and home 3 hours after I'm done with my school day. It's rather annoying and stressful since I'm driving without a license.
28.) Pulling into UB, I think how glad I am I went against what I wanted to do originally and went here instead of State or anywhere else.
29.) Parking is a bitch, fuck this place.
30.) Maybe music is a drug, I listen to it nonstop once I get in the car, and before I get out I put headphones in to walk 10 minutes to Baldy hall.

Not that any of these thoughts are very important, trying to remember them was relatively difficult, some of them might have been the result of reconstruction (fancy little psychology term I learned this semester). I remember that statistic that men think about sex every 6 seconds or something. I can specifically remember this being me and even when I was constantly having sex it was always on my mind. It's just not anymore, If it isn't pointless thoughts like most of my early morning thoughts, its thinking about having to work later, or about someone who isn't around, or some social/cultural problems that are destroying individuality and creativity, or what fucking team is playing Houston tonight? When did I allow myself to get so serious that a simple completely normal sexual thought doesn't enter into my head throughout the course of a day. Life shouldn't be spent wasting time not thinking about sex. Thats my thought of the day.

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  1. I disagree, life spent not thinking about sex is certainly not wasted.